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Dustin Getz
CEO Hyperfiddle, Clojurist
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Hi, I'm Dustin Getz

I am a Clojure programmer. Clojure is an emerging programming language, known for its emphasis on simplicity and its elegant approach to state and identity.
In my career, I have built information systems, activex controls, 3D video games, desktop apps, networked applications, embedded systems.
I founded Hyperfiddle in order to study graph information models, as applied to: user interfaces, programming languages, databases, hypermedia APIs, information systems, data interoperability, semantic web. At Hyperfiddle, we believe at this intersection is an opportunity to build a universal data platform that brings database programming within reach of STEM workers.
I'm a volunteer advisor to Radical Decency, a game-theoretic strategy to bring values back into business decision making. I like running, achieving, and helping others achieve. Let me know how I can help you.
My favorite quotes I'd like to share with you: