Clojure is amazingly healthy

I think Clojure is amazing, vastly more powerful than any other ecosystem. The best investors get rich by picking winners before anyone else sees it and this is no different.
This is just the everyday application oriented stuff which is my expertise. Every six months the list gets longer and more mature with code drops from every direction. And this is all under an umbrella culture of simplicity. We aren't there yet but in 10 years a smart 10 year old may be able to make software on this stack.
I challenge you to build a comparable list for any other ecosystem:
seamless Javascript ecosystem interop
same language everywhere
extensible JSON
Om & Om Next, Reagent
diverse choices for UI
Pedestal, Luminus, et al
diverse choices for web stack
data driven web services
constraint validation for sophisticated data
core.logic and core.match
robust language extensions as a library
core.async and transducer
functional operators that compose in any context
graph data structures, cheap as a hashmap
Datomic, Datomic Cloud
immutable database designed for functional programming
auto-scaling immutable application stack
Karl and I are making – build Datomic web dashboards interactively
I spitballed this list in 10 minutes, please help me make it better in the comments.

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