Podcast: Anatomy of the US Dollar End Game "Trump's going to look like Mary Poppins compared to the next guy"

Big ideas from Macro Voices podcast, Macro Voices: Anatomy of the US Dollar End Game;

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Macro Voices podcast (audience of professional investors) sort of covered this in "Anatomy of the US Dollar End Game", an amazing educational segment. They think Trump is just the beginning of the end, the populist energy that got Trump elected has not been diffused so next time they will elect a proper populist who will give them what they want,

These snippets are sourced from this transcript of part 3/5

LUKE: I don't necessarily disagree they could. I do think, up until about 18 months ago, I think I agreed more with you on that front. I think, you know, Brexit, and I think Trump. I think all of a sudden there has been this realization in the West of uh-oh, the hoi polloi aren't happy. I keep saying to people, look – you know Ray Dalio has this great chart, all of a sudden out of nowhere, populism, in the West it’s the highest level since the '30s. It's like, the '30s wasn't a good time to own sovereign debt or currencies. After the crash, they were written down enormously over the next ten years.
LUKE: And I look at this and, regardless of how people feel about Trump, I've been saying to people, look, you've got 65,000 Americans died of drug overdoses last year. You go to flyover country and you see what's happening out here – you know, I'm from Cleveland.

LUKE: Regardless of how you feel about Trump, if things don't start to get better Trump's going to look like Mary Poppins compared to the next guy.

LUKE: I'm not saying that the next guy is going to be some dictator. I think the next guy is going to give people what they want. And what the people want is not dollar-positive, right? They want all the stuff they were promised, and it's all going to have to be funded with printed money.
LUKE: The Fed's going to have to fund it all. All those entitlements.
JEFF: It's the same side of the dollar coin though. It gets back to the fact that people, in the West in particular, have been told there's no problem. Except everybody knows that there is one. And, you know, your point about the opioid crisis is exactly it – people know that there's something wrong with the economy, even if they don't know what it is.
LUKE: They don't know what it is out here. It's absolutely fascinating. It's ironic, right? Because people look at – you've seen surveys saying that, you know, people in the Midwestern United States, people – the millennials, they survey very favorably towards authoritarian – they survey favorably towards Putin.
LUKE: And you look at this, and the reality is, unless you live in the Washington DC area, the New York City area, or the West Coast, the dollar system is killing you. Literally killing you. And it has been for 40 years. You're more aligned with China and Russia, unless you live in New York, Washington, or California. And, because for 40 years your politicians have been making decisions against your interests.